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At Home Retreat Kit
At Home Retreat Kit

Need a break, but can’t get away? Retreat at home! Get relaxed, refreshed and ready to go! Kit includes detailed retreat day outlines, tips to help you make time and space for a retreat, and audio meditations and visualizations to help you make the most of your day. Can’t take a whole day? Break your retreat into segments! You know you need a retreat – take one today!



Simple Little Practices Meditation Series
(ongoing - delivered by audio recording)


How do people do it?  You crave serenity and focus as much as the next person.  And you can't remember the last time you felt something like "peace of mind." 


But who has time to take a meditation class, and who can sit still for an hour?  And how in the world does anyone quiet their mind enough to hear that inner voice?


Not to mention that you're not looking for a new religion - you just want a way to off-load stress and get into your best self - your whole self - that self that lives in a state of flow and knows how to handle things and juggle priorities with grace and ease.


This isn't called "Simple Little Practices" for nothing.


This meditation series is simple.  One 20 minute audio (mp3)* is delivered to you by e-mail once a week.  The only thing you need to do is to download it and listen to it whenever you can squeeze it into your schedule.

*Listen on your computer or download to your mp3 player.  Audios are 20 min. average length - see below for details.


You don't have to be "in the right mood" to start - in fact, the more "off" you are at the start, the more likely you will benefit from the practice. 


Each of the audios uses a different relaxation, meditation or visualization technique - try them all and see which are most effective for you.  Rinse and repeat.


Listen while sitting in a chair or lying down - whatever is comfortable for you.  No yoga positions are required (unless, of course, you find full lotus position comfortable!)


You don't have to struggle to clear your mind or avoid thought - the audios will give your mind something to focus on and will gently guide you through the practice.


Perfect for beginners or those to want to restart a meditation practice or add some variety to their current practice.


Class Schedule*:


Week 1  - Relax Your Body, Relax Your Mind  (a progressive relaxation exercise to help you release tension and focus your mind; 23 minutes)



Week 2 -  Let It Go (use your body to help you clear your mind; 23 minutes)



Week 3 -  Light-ness of Being (use a visualization of light to find the light and lightness within; 17 minutes)



Week 4 -   Take a Vacation – Without Leaving Home (take a beach vacation in your mind, and then bring the relaxed focused energy of holiday into your every-day; 25 minutes)



Week 5 -  Just Breathe (your breath is always available to relax your body and quiet and focus your mind; 21 minutes)


Week 6 -  Message from Your Future Self (envision one possibility of your future self - and if you don't like it, change it! 18 minutes)


*Audios will be delivered weekly, starting within two days of your registration.

All meditations and visualizations are created and led by Cheryl Lyon, C.P.C., founder of Winged Life Coaching and author of the At Home Retreat Kit.


Sounds good - how much is it?


Just $49.99 includes includes all 6 audio practices (over two hours total play time) and mid-week inspirational e-mails.  That's less than $10/week, and the audios are yours to keep.  Use them again and again for maximum results.






What My Clients Say


Instant relief.” “Very grounding.”
“Quick and easy – you can do this now.”
“I didn’t realize how much tension I was holding.”
“I keep returning to this.”


How It Works:


Meditations are sent weekly by e-mail.  After you purchase the series, you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your sign up.  (This is to confirm your purchase and prevent spam.)  After you confirm, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  Your first audio will arrive within two days, and weekly thereafter.  You will also receive mid-week e-mail inspirations from Cheryl.


Full 20 day money-back guarantee.  If, after receiving the first two audios, you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, contact cheryl "at" wingedlifecoaching.com for a full refund.  You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!



*Instant stress relief that you can return to again and again
*Calm your body, quiet your mind, listen to your spirit
*Short and accessible - no travel required, no daily commitment
*The discipline and guidance of a class, combined with the convenience of an at-home program
*Get into (or back into) a meditative practice, simply and easily

Questions?  Contact cheryl "at" wingedlifecoaching.com.

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